Trinity Lutheran Church

Assembled in God’s Grace to worship, to teach, to serve.

Special Needs

Wheelchair Accessibility

Trinity Church is wheelchair accessible. Those in wheelchairs should enter through the doors under the Portico. Please consult an usher if any assistance is required. We have several handicap accessible restrooms. Two are family restrooms for those who may need special assistance.

Sight and Sound

Large print bulletins and large print hymn pages are available. Please consult an usher.

A hearing enhancement system with a wireless receiver and ear piece is available. The sound system includes personal hearing units that can be used anywhere in the sanctuary area. Each unit is the size of a deck of cards and has a volume control and a wire to a small ear piece. Units are available upon entering worship. Please consult an usher

Communion Special Needs

Communion elements are provided in a variety of forms for those with special needs or concerns. Gluten-wheat-dairy-corn-and soy-free wafers are available as well as individually poured grape juice cups for those who prefer not to have wine. These are available on small tables at the front pew and prior to entering the Altar rail area.

Those who have a mobility problems may ask an usher to have the Pastor and Assisting Minister bring the Communion elements to that person’s seat.