Trinity Lutheran Church

Assembled in God’s Grace to worship, to teach, to serve.

Member Support

The Member Support Committee oversees the great variety of Fellowship events which include Fellowship Time after Sunday morning worship, breakfast between our Easter Morning Worship services, a Fall Special Event, a Summer Event, and other activities throughout the year. They are also doing many other activities to support fellow members.

Each Sunday after our worship service we gather in the Fellowship Hall for continued conversation and mutual support. We usually have some light refreshments or more substantial refreshments. We have a Soup Sunday one Sunday in January, February, and March. In December we have a Cookie Sunday. On Easter Sunday we have breakfast prior to Easter Morning Worship services. Volunteers to provide refreshments or make a contribution of some food are always welcome.

Trinity has a group that makes and gives prayer shawls and lap robes to those in special need.

The Member Support Committee seeks to provide meals when a member is discharged from the hospital.

Besides the Hearing And Vision Impaired Assistance listed above under the Worship topic, Trinity has Large Print Portals of Prayer devotional books available. More will be ordered if we know of the need. Please contact the Church Office to express your need. If there is a desire for something else provided in Large Print or on Cassette, please contact the Church Office.

Trinity has a Message Center for Council members and Committee Chairpersons. This Message Center is located on the wall between the Lobby and the hallway to Fellowship Hall. Council members’ names and Committee names are marked on the shelf edge. These messages will be checked by the appropriate people on a regular basis. Messages for the Pastor should be laid in the Church Office or slipped under the door of Pastor’s Study.

Trinity has several recycling projects. A recycling bin is in the Narthex each Sunday for those who do not wish to keep their bulletins. These are recycled by a farmer for bedding. Another project is a recycling container in Fellowship Hall for clean Styrofoam. Coffee cups and plates need to be rinsed well before being placed in the container. Packing Styrofoam may also be placed in this container. These are then taken to DART for recycling.