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Heifer Project

Heifer International is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through self-reliance and sustainability.

In the past, Trinity has raised funds to fill an Ark (which is an accumulated amount of $5,000) in the spring of 2009. Funds were raised by Sunday School classes and members using Heifer International banks and the children collecting money after church on Sunday mornings. Vacation Bible School offerings were also donated to the Heifer project. During the New Holland Farm Show, Trinity offers parking on its property for a donation. More than $950 was collected for the project at that time.

Another way Trinity raised funds was by conducting a “vote for your favorite pastor” contest. In addition to Pastor Pretz, two other pastors who are members at Trinity were included. This was a fun project which earned over $200 per pastor. The prize was to kiss a heifer. During this contest, Trinity raised enough money to buy heifers in memory of Raymond Martin. Raymond was a very vital and active member of Trinity who had the honor, at age seventeen, of being one of the first “cowboys at sea” in 1944. Sailing on the S.S. Mexican, cows, bulls, horses, calves, hay and straw were delivered to Danzig, Belgium, which had been ravaged by the war.

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