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Assembled in God’s Grace to worship, to teach, to serve.


If you would like more information about Trinity’s Confirmation process, please feel free to contact a member of the Christian Education Committee or the Pastor. Trinity participates in the North Lancaster Confirmation Ministry as well as including confirmation material in our Sunday School classes.

The following is a summary letter about the North Lancaster Confirmation Ministry program:

North Lancaster and Lebanon Conferences
Lower Susquehanna Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Dear Prospective Students and their Parents,
The North Lancaster Confirmation Ministry started back in 1974 when a few Pastors were talking together about confirmation and how to make it a more effective and interesting process for their young people. The Pastors realized that events with larger numbers of young people than one local congregation’s class can help each congregational program improve by having concentrated time together to grow in fellowship and to do a variety of learning processes which are not available in a weekly class.
Each Pastor also thought that by concentrating on particular events and not on every event he/she could be a better teacher and leader and use his/her interest and expertise more effectively. There was also the value of having the young people from various congregations growing together in mutual support, relating to fellow Christian Young People, broadening their image of the Church as more than the local congregation, and working with other Pastors.


The result of those conversations and needs is the following program. This program was designed and started in the summer of 1975 and has since been refined and is evolving still. The program is now a three year program that each individual congregation supplements as they see fit. The program is designed for young people entering the seventh grade and concluding when they are about ready to end their ninth grade in school.


Following is an outline of the events and what each event is trying to accomplish in the educational material:

●First Year Summer Camp, “The Bible and Personal Devotional Life” Camp is a Sunday through Friday event. This camp is on the basic structure, divine drama, and meaning of the Bible. We will be looking at how we are involved in the Bible and our personal prayers and devotions. Student study includes the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Why the Bible and Devotions and Prayer are important in the life of a Christian are emphases of this event. Some of the time will be dealing with issues related to crossing the boundaries from childhood to adolescence.

●Second Year Summer Camp, “The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes” and “Worship, Our Corporate Life” are the two themes for this camp! The intention is to help the students hear God’s Law and Grace which direct us in godly ways of living and not just what is popular at the moment. Christian living is one of controlled response to the choices in life. Part of our response to God is our Worship! During this event we will seek to increase the awareness of why and how we worship as a corporate body of God’s people. We will focus on what our Lutheran Forms of Worship mean, and a history of worship though the ages.

●Third Year Summer Camp, “The Creed and the Sacraments” This camp is centered on study and experiences on the importance and meaning of the Apostle’s Creed as our statement of faith. The theological and biblical teachings on Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are studied. The View of our God and his involvement in our lives and the life of the Church are emphasized.

Since these events are designed as stepping stones from which the next event is based and grows, it is important that each young person and parents make very special commitments to attendance at all these events. The events are planned and led by the local pastors. The requested donations for registrations of the events are based solely on the cost of the meals, materials, housing, films, supplies, etc. The participating Pastors receive no honorariums or extra compensation for their involvements. This is part of their congregational ministry of education.


The leaders of this program hope that all of you who are invited to participate in this program will be eager to do so! We, the leaders, are very pleased about the past events and the ways the program continues to improve. The expectations are that improvements will continue. If you have any questions about the program, please contact your Pastor.
Together in Ministry to the glory of God,

Faith United, Denver: Pastor Joseph Veres
Mellinger’s, Schoeneck: Pastor Timothy L. Craven
Muddy Creek, Denver: Nancy and Peter Schwabe-Fry
Trinity, New Holland: (Vacancy)
Swamp, Reinholds : Pastor Dennis L. Trout
Zion, Akron : Pastor Matthew J. Lenahan
Salem, Lebanon : (Vacancy)
St John Center, East Earl: (Vacancy)
St James, Lebanon : Andy Evenson, Bob Ierien
St Paul’s, Adamstown: Pastor Sandra Gideon