Trinity Lutheran Church

Assembled in God’s Grace to worship, to teach, to serve.


Trinity’s current building was built in 1970-1971 after removing the former building which had the sanctuary on the second floor and needed structural changes. So a new Colonial-style Sanctuary and Education Wing were created. The Education Wing included a large fellowship hall and kitchen, several classrooms down stairs and more classroom upstairs.

Trinity has been working on improving their facility for years. In February of 2011 we finished the improvement construction. By building in the former courtyard, we have created a new entrance with a portico and handicap doorway. There is a new church office and work room and a new Pastor’s Study off this entrance. We have added a new handicap accessible women’s restroom, two family handicap restrooms and a renewed men’s restroom. We also added more open space for gathering and conversation in the new Lobby and in the Narthex. There is now an elevator to the second floor to make the choir balcony and classrooms accessible

In 2013 Trinity’s Mohler pipe organ was refurbished and enhanced.