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Cemetery Committee

Our Cemetery includes burials from the mid-1700’s with space to include many more burials

To purchase a burial lot or to ask more questions about the Cemetery, please contact the Church Office at 717.354.4976 or our Cemetery Manager, Jim Cox at 717.354.4942.

CEMETERY RULES — Revised January 2019

1 . The management of the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery shall be under the direction of the Cemetery Committee. The Cemetery Committee is accountable to the Trinity Lutheran Congregation Council.

2. All cemetery maintenance, including marking of grave openings, will be carried out under the Cemetery Committee’s direction.

3. Funds needed for the further development and maintenance of the cemetery shall be provided for by income from Cemetery Fund investments, sale of burial and cremation lots, contributions from lot owners and other interested persons, and bequests. Donations for perpetual care of this cemetery are encouraged and appropriate at any time. Just make your personal check payable to Trinity Lutheran Church marked for cemetery care. Thank you.

4. All cemetery-related expenses shall be approved by the Cemetery Committee and paid by authorized persons from the appropriate cemetery account.

5. Burial lots (4’ x 10’) may be purchased by any member of the church for their own use, family members, and such other persons they choose to admit. Nonmembers may purchase burial lots for themselves or immediate family members. Burial lot prices may be subject to change without advance notice.

6. Previously purchased lots not used may be returned to the Cemetery Committee at the current price as a personal contribution to the cemetery account. A receipt will be issued for this charitable, tax-deductible contribution on church stationery.

7. No grave shall be opened until the lot has been paid for, unless authorized by the Cemetery Committee.

8. Ground level corner posts marking the boundaries of lots may be installed at the owner’s request and expense. Any corner posts must be installed under the direction of the Cemetery Committee.

9. All graves must be dug by a contractor hired by the Cemetery Committee. All burial vaults must be of concrete or steel construction and with the top of the vault at least three feet below the surrounding ground elevation.

10. All grave markers must be placed along the western boundary and within the lot area.

11. All gravestones must have a concrete foundation at least 30 inches below ground level. All foundations will be flush with ground level at the highest point, and require a minimum three-inch margin around the gravestone.

12. Bronze plate markers must be flush with the surrounding ground surface and have an appropriate concrete base. Flush markers (bronze plate markers or stone) do not require a three-inch minimum margin on all four sides.

13. No grave markers or tombstones shall project more than four feet above the ground at the highest ground level. No grave marker of the blanket-type or covering the entire grave will be permitted. Requests for non-traditional memorials must be brought to the Cemetery Committee for approval. Some tombstones feature a vase with metal liner. Since the price of metal is high, cemeteries nationwide are experiencing thefts of these metals. We encourage you to: a) avoid buying this feature, and b) do not replace what is stolen to avoid a repeat theft.

14. Appropriate upkeep and maintenance of all corner markers and grave markers are the responsibility of the lot owner.

15. Saddle-back floral decorations (that straddle a headstone) are preferred in place of flowers placed in the path of the lawn mower and weed-eating equipment. No planting of trees, shrubbery, flowers, or digging of holes for vases/flowerpots is permitted on burial lots. Flowers should be removed after they have lost their beauty (four weeks). No other accessories, except military markers, are permitted. At appropriate periods throughout the year the Cemetery Committee reserves the right to remove any decorations or other items for appropriate maintenance and to insure the beauty and dignity of the cemetery.

16. All cemetery records of lot owners, burial lists, and charts shall be kept in the church.

17. No disinterment will be allowed without consent of the Cemetery Committee.

18. Multiple burials on one regular 4’ x 10’ burial lot (such as multiple cremations, or cremated remains on top of a regular burial) are permitted. Double-depth burials are permitted.

19. Charges for a grave opening/closing will be set by the Cemetery Committee and subject to change. Extra charges will be assessed for a Saturday, Sunday, and holiday and after 3:00 PM grave opening/closing; rock removal; cutting frost; and other special conditions.

20. A section of the cemetery called Cremation Garden has been set aside for the burial of cremation remains. These lots are 2’ x 3’. Markers flush with the ground are required; no above ground markers permitted. Only one cremation burial is permitted in each 2’ x 3’ cremation lot.

21.  A separate Green Burial Area is designated for “green” (or natural) burials, which means biodegradable caskets are used and no burial vault encloses the casket. Thus this earth-friendly option will result in eventual settling, requiring refilling which is an added cemetery expense. Therefore, these lots will be priced slightly higher.

22. The scattering of ashes on an existing grave is not permitted.

23. These regulations are subject to change as deemed appropriate by the Cemetery Committee and/or the Congregation Council.

24. Where the word “member” is used, it refers to all classes of membership spelled out in the Church Constitution.

Revised by the Cemetery Committee January 2019.

Please contact the Cemetery Committee through the Church Office at 717.354.4976 or our Cemetery Manager, Jim Cox at 717.354.4942 for further information.